Redomiciliation of Companies to Malta

Foreign companies that wish to register in Malta, need not wind-up their foreign business and incorporate a Malta Company, but can instead move their domicile to Malta while the former company set-up remains in existence.

Prior to redomicile a company to Malta, you have to make sure:
  • The laws of the foreign jurisdiction so permit;
  • The Company is authorised to do so by its constitutive documents, namely in its memorandum and articles of association;
  • The share capital of the company is at least €1,165 20% paid up;

A number of documents will need to be submitted to the Malta Business Registry.

Upon submission of all the required documentation, together with the applicable registration fees (depending on the share capital of the Company), the Malta Business Registry (“MBR”) will issue a Provisional Certificate of Continuation whereby the Company will be deemed to be provisionally registered as continuing in Malta as from the date of registration. The Company shall be deemed as provisionally registered in Malta for all purposes of law and shall also be subject to all the obligations and be capable of exercising all the powers of a company registered under the Maltese Companies Act.

Within a period of six months from the date of the issue by the MBR of the provisional certificate of continuation, the Company must submit documentary evidence to the MBR that it has ceased to be a Company registered in the foreign jurisdiction, and then issue a final certificate of continuation confirming that the Company has been registered as continuing in Malta.

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