Citizenship and Residence in Malta

Individual Investor Programmme (IIP)

Personal information required:
  • Proof of identity, background and civil status.
  • Details of source of wealth, business activities and financial standing.
  • Confirmation of good standing.
  • Evidence of suitable accommodation in Malta.

Financial requirements:
  • 650,000 payable as a non-refundable contribution to the Maltese economy.
  • Plus €25,000 or €50,000 contribution for other family members.
  • €150,000  investment in Maltese state instruments for 5 years+.
  • €16,000+ pa lease rental or €350,000+ purchase of residential property.
  • Property must be retained for 5years+.

  • Residence card issued 2 weeks after interview and initial due diligence.
  • Detailed background checks and enquiry, if satisfactory, approval in 120 days.
  • Passport issued after oath of allegiance.

  • All require good standing and financial independence.
  • Various tax advantages depending on option taken:
    • Ordinary Residence Scheme - EU/EEA nationals to live and do business in Malta.
    • Global Residence Programme – Global (excluding EU/EEA nationals)
      • Qualifies for special tax status in Malta.
    • Residence and Visa Programme – Global (excluding EU/EEA nationals)
      • Indefinite stay in Malta and access to Schengen Area.
      • Financial and property requirements
    • Highly Qualified Persons –  Global
      • Persons with specific qualifications employed in ‘eligible office’.
      • Qualifies for reduced income tax- currently 15%
      • Scheme terminates December 2025
    • Retirement Programme EU/EEA/ Swiss retirees