Structuring and Administration of Private Jet Ownership

We are able to advise on the implications and structuring for the ownership of private jets.

Rosemont International companies can provide comprehensive services for the incorporation and the administration of private jet owning structures in a variety of suitable jurisdictions.

We register private jets, both commercial and pleasure, in a variety of jurisdictions based upon the client’s circumstances and aims, as well as the expected place and nature of the use of the jet. 

We provide full administration services including the provision of the company’s registered address, shareholders, and directors, maintenance of its registers and accounts, as well as the daily follow up of the company’s activities and oversight of the technical operation of the jet.

We assist with organising all aspects in relation to the purchase, ownership and eventual sale of the jet.
We work closely with specialist lawyers, surveyors, VAT experts and employment service providers. 

Our network allows us to obtain competitive quotations for insurance and financing for the acquisition, construction or maintenance of private jets.